jr. breakfast burritos

smells like victory -- one of these days this war's gonna end
durango SONIC.

i pull in to the drive-thru and get the manager.  a friendly outgoing guy.  at the moment, things are slow -- no cars in stalls, no one else in the drive-thru.  he brings my food and swipes my card.  

he chuckles, "you have quite a bit of room left on here," and hands me the card.

this would be an excellent chance to pick some brain.  it's 10:30, the too-early morning vibe is gone from my demeanor, so i start in, "what time did this text discount begin this morning?"

he laughs.  "i told the night manager to pick whatever she wanted.  i don't know what she did ... 4:00 or something like that ... when i saw the text had no starting time, i knew there might be trouble ... but she said everything was fine."

"that's good.  hey, just out of curiosity, how many SONIC cards do you see here?"

"oh we'll activate and replenish a couple a month.  out of our customer base, there's probably 200 or so cards out there."

"so, you get, say, one a day?"

"not quite that many.  maybe one every other day."

tabasco sauce is the duct tape of the condiment world.  many (but not all) food tastes can be repaired with a couple of shakes.  my previous breakfast burrito experience suggested that tabasco may well be the right answer here.

and it was.  

tapatio is probably a better for this particular taste, but tabasco is certainly a step up from SONIC's slow-dance-with-a-tongue picante.

once there's a little kick, the next thing you notice lacking is the tortilla ... it's got that gummy mass-manufactured aura about it.  living around big hispanic communities all my life has spoiled me for homemade tortillas.

still, everything is more than good enough.  i went to bed hungry.  the price is more than right.

i roll back through and order another.

caloric enter sign
nothing soothes the soul quite as much as two survey receipts in as many runs.

(and yes, i'm already at my recommended amount of sodium for the day -- even without the tabasco.  thanks for asking.)

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