breakfast burrito with route 44 iced tea

pahrump SONIC.

used the entertainment book BOGO coupon.

hit this place coming back from death valley ... BIG SONIC ... looks like 20+ stalls and at least a dozen picnic tables ... good manager, as soon as i told her i had a coupon at the drive thru she just had me pull up to the cashier window -- the right move, but *very* few SONICs will do this.

for the 30 or so minutes i was hanging out, there were 2 cars total at the stalls and 6 drive-thrus counting me ... this, at 8:00PM on a saturday. it pains me to see a SONIC this nice -in a city as friendly as pahrump- with so little traffic.

i've never had one of these breakfast burritos before and saying it's "only okay" is being a bit generous ... here are the down-sides:
* the bacon is uninteresting (and cheap)
* the picante sauce is seriously lacking kick
* at $4, it's too expensive for what you get
* the taste is very much in the mid-west bland palate

but there are up-sides:
* it's made to order (i'll wait for anything to be made, i hate "shelf food")
* you can order it 24 hours a day
* it comes with cheddar cheese (not american)
* it's better than an egg mcmuffin (but come on, consider the

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