building the shovel

today's gonna be a big day.  ice cream is my favorite SONIC "food" and the TXT message offer of today is as good as infinite free play in my favorite arcade.

BUT i'm only eating 1500 calories a day AND sundaes run 500 calories apiece.

what to do?

elliptical time.

the rio spa is an easy walk from flamingo SONIC.  and at my weight and speed, an hour on an elliptical is 1000 calories burned.

this won't be the first time i've done a lot of exercise to overpower my ravenous eating.

... and i want a lot of sundaes, so ...

i better get to the SONIC.  and then to the gym.  and then to the SONIC.  and then to the gym.

see you on the treadmill and that damn well better be ice cream i see on your lips.

and i don't want to hear that you paid more than a buck for your sundae.

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