happy hour

medium lemon slush with extra lemon wedges and route 44 iced tea with lemon.  durango SONIC.
I was thirsty.


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Naked man accused of lewd behavior at drive-in
On Friday afternoon officers were called to the Sonic Drive-In. Witnesses say a man in a black and silver 2010 Ford Mustang drove up to the restaurant, ...


wacky pack

hamburger with wheat bun substitution, apple slices, cave tot.  durango, SONIC.

they hassled me about ordering a fruit slush.  "that's not included in the kids' meal."  well maybe, maybe not, but no one has ever said anything, so i would guess not.

AND they didn't give me a receipt.  AGAIN.

durango SONIC is one of the good ones, but they're getting on my nerves.


route 44 iced tea

flamingo SONIC


wacky pack

using my wacky pack coupon from my hallowe'en bag ... this one is chicken strips, apple slices, a grape slush and a stego tot.  durango SONIC.

(where they, once again, shorted my BBQ sauce ... what is the deal with you guys lately?)


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Minivan driver sought in Yakima drive-in hold-up
Yakima Herald-Republic
Yakima police are looking for the driver of a minivan who robbed a waitress at gunpoint Wednesday afternoon at a Sonic drive-in stall. ...


happy hour

medium lemon slush.  durango SONIC.

no cheap mozz stix for me ... i already hit the cosmopolitan buffet and am at my caloric limit.

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Armed Robbery At Sonic Drive In
Published Thursday, October 20th, 2011 On Wednesday around 6 pm Yakima Police Officers reponded to Sonic Drive-in on S. 1st Street. ...
WMC hosts health fair Oct. 29
Winston County Journal
Sonic Drive In, Vowell's Market Place, and Coca-Cola of Starkville will be sponsoring a hotdog cookout. There will be 200 hotdogs given away for attendees. ...

99¢ mozzarella sticks today

latest TXT
Snack it up @ Sonic today (10/20) w/99 cent Mozzarella Stiks only during Happy Hour.  Plz mention txt when ordering.

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Sonic Drive-In Breaks Ground
There is a Sonic Drive-In on the Black Horse Pike in Audubon, not owned by the Aspell family. Sonic—which operates more than 3400 sites ...


Fwd: wacky pack wednesday

two wacky packs: hamburger with wheat bun substitution, apple slices, milk, little stuffed play tots.  vanilla dish.  flamingo SONIC.

BIG SONIC night.  while waiting for a friend, i talked to the super-nice hop christina ... she was concerned i may not know how to order at SONIC (later i told her that i'd been to SONIC more than 150 times this year and because of that i have a more-than-passing familiarity with ordering) and then was decorating the landing tables with wacky pack wednesday balloons.  

i learned tons of interesting things:
  • flamingo SONIC is "easily" the most busy in vegas.
  • wednesday is their deadest night.
  • the busiest times tend to be about 03:00, after all the clubs have let out.
  • there are more than 6,000 drink chips circulating in the las vegas area, but they are almost never handed back in.
when i ordered my first wacky pack, it came in a trick-or-treat bag!  AND it had a detachable coupon on the bottom good for a $1.49 wacky pack ANYTIME!!

i was so elated i called SONIC radio and chatted up the DJ.  she's not allowed to play hallowe'en music yet (i asked for "monster mash"), so i had her play ventures and told her i was calling from fabulous las vegas where the temperature was perfect.

she was curious as to what the flamingo SONIC looked like, so i sent her some crappy cell phone pix (which i have included here ... unfortunately i forgot to take a pic of my vanilla dish).

so then what'd i do?  why i ordered another wacky pack using my coupon!

great discount.  good deal.  fun night.



route 44 iced tea

flamingo SONIC.


route 44 iced tea

durango SONIC


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Restaurant violations
Sonic Drive In, 5802 64th St. – good hygiene practices not followed. ... Sonic Drive In, 6419 W. 19th St. — cold hold food held at inadequate temperature. ...
In Civil Courts
Corrected on site. n Sonic Drive In, 5802 64th St. – good hygiene practices ... Corrected by Oct. 17. n Sonic Drive In, 6419 W. 19th St. — cold hold food ...


route 44 iced tea and vanilla dish

durango SONIC.
I found a survey receipt on a cup on my way into the poker room last night ... that's god's way of dating, "it's poker time."
my phone doesn't let me use the camera when it gets too low on juice...had to eat the ice cream before I got home got the pic.  pity.


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Food service inspections
Victoria Advocate
... Edna; Sam Houston Jr. High School, 606 Gilbert St., Edna; Sonic Drive In, 920 W. Main St., Edna; South Brooke Manor, 1401 W. Main St., Edna; The Lariat, ...


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Two Men Arrested for Armed Robbery
Police were called Thursday evening to the Sonic Drive In in the 2300 block of North West County Road. An employee had reported being robbed in the parking ...
Children's Day Festival Coming Up on Oct. 16
... Mt. Pleasant Karate, Park West Family Practice, Preferred EyeCare Center, Sonic Drive In, Southeast Talent Search, Starfish Academy, and Usborne Books. ...

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Golfers tee up for a good cause
KC Community News
With October comes fall weather, colorful leaves and drives to aid breast cancer research and awareness for Sonic Drive In. And if Saturday's BCR Golf ...


(double!) wacky pack wednesday

my eating schedule is weird right now because i'm getting ready for a big ride this weekend, but my caloric intake means i can eat, that's right, two wacky packs.

dig me.

jr. burger, apple slices, lemon slush and dino tot.

chicken strips, apple slices and chocolate milk.

both from durango SONIC.  except they did a terrible job on my second WP.  first, they shorted me my toy.  then, they didn't include BBQ sauce (which i'd asked for at the drive-through ... the one you see here is a left-over).  and finally, no receipt ... problematic since they over-charged me and i couldn't look at it to prove it ... as i sat at the drive-through window and waited and waited and waited, no one came.  disappointing.  i expect MUCH more from durango SONIC.  this might be the best run SONIC in vegas, but man, they sure weren't showing it tonight.

the 800 number is going to get a call on this one, but not tonight ... i've got miles to ride.


route 44 iced tea

lake mead SONIC


happy hour

medium green apple slush, sahara SONIC.

this is the fleeting phantom of the SONIC slush world ... if you do a search, you'll see that many people consider this to be their favorite flavor, and yet SONIC has a habit of dropping it on-and-off their menu in various parts of the country.

the flavor is what you'd hope for -- that jolly rancher "bright" fake apple taste ... my only disappointment with it is it could be even more so.

it does, however, keep your tongue nice and green ... no complaints there.