(double!) wacky pack wednesday

my eating schedule is weird right now because i'm getting ready for a big ride this weekend, but my caloric intake means i can eat, that's right, two wacky packs.

dig me.

jr. burger, apple slices, lemon slush and dino tot.

chicken strips, apple slices and chocolate milk.

both from durango SONIC.  except they did a terrible job on my second WP.  first, they shorted me my toy.  then, they didn't include BBQ sauce (which i'd asked for at the drive-through ... the one you see here is a left-over).  and finally, no receipt ... problematic since they over-charged me and i couldn't look at it to prove it ... as i sat at the drive-through window and waited and waited and waited, no one came.  disappointing.  i expect MUCH more from durango SONIC.  this might be the best run SONIC in vegas, but man, they sure weren't showing it tonight.

the 800 number is going to get a call on this one, but not tonight ... i've got miles to ride.

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