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Minivan driver sought in Yakima drive-in hold-up
Yakima Herald-Republic
Yakima police are looking for the driver of a minivan who robbed a waitress at gunpoint Wednesday afternoon at a Sonic drive-in stall. ...


  1. all of these robbery snippets make me wonder if sonic is a target more often than other fast-food places...

  2. i'm not sure.

    they're open late, always near some kind of major traffic artery, tend to be manned by late teens/early 20's and *can* be (but aren't always) in marginal neighborhoods. the biggest point of all is probably that the hops come out to the car/customer.

    BUT we're looking only at SONIC ... would the numbers for burger king or taco bell be less? i don't know.

    7-11, for sure, would be worse. but that's a different category.


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