lemon slush & jr. deluxe burger

... with extra lemon and whole wheat bun substitution.  sahara SONIC.

rolled in just at the end of happy hour and there was a l-o-n-g line at the drive thru ... in fact i had to duck into a stall to still make the 14:00 - 17:00 ... by the time i finished my drink, it was gone 17:00 so i took advantage of today's TXT discount.

while i was hanging out i took a cursory glance at the menu ... chillers are gone ... chicken salad is gone ... fritos chili wraps are gone (NV never had the chili pie listed) ... wacky pack wednesday is up 50c to $1.99 (although wacky packs haven't gone up in price).

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now HERE is a SONIC worth checking out.


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New 'Sonic' will sell beer and wine as well as burgers and fries
The recently opened Sonic Drive-In in Homestead will soon become the first in the chain to serve beer and wine. The site also has an artificial beach. ...

50¢ jr. deluxe burgers tonight

latest TXT.


50 cent Jr. Deluxe Burgers @ Sonic 2nite (6/27) 5pm-8pm only.  Plz mention txt when ordering.


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Letter: Car show committee says thank you
Newton Kansan
... Hosford Insurance; Benley's Fashions; Tee Pees Smoke Shop; Keyn Fm; Fox Ridge Restaurant; Sonic Drive In; Chisholm Trail Center Retail and Outlet Shops; ...
Car Show Calendar
Charleston Post Courier
A cruise-in sponsored by Lowcountry Muscle Car will be held at 7 pm the Sonic Drive-in, 122 St. James Avenue in Goose Creek. ...

small strawberry limeade

SONIC on craig road.


route 44 iced tea

where golden tots come from

email conversation with msdrpepper.

okay ms. dr. pepper,

how/when did you get your hands on the golden tot you sent me?  did you buy, like, a zillion wacky packs?  or did you bribe a SONIC official?  ebay?  what?

it's a great present.

thanks so much,


No - that was like the first wacky pack I'd bought in like, ages. My 13 year old has been eating adult's food for the past 2-3 years. I wasn't in the mood for a big sandwich one night when we were there, and got the wacky pack. We don't watch TV so I had no idea about the so-called Golden Tot and all of that big mystique. I knew I'd be getting some benign toy (back story: 10 years ago, Sonic and Arbys were my two favorite places for the kids meals because their toys for the kids were the most reasonable, not so much of the "licensed idiot movie character of the month" and kept my son's interest longer. I still have some of the old Sonic and Arby's toys we had back then.).

So I got the pack and it had those silly Drink Pals and one was this "Golden Marshmallow" I originally thought, before I read the packaging materials and learned that it was, in fact, "The Golden Tot".

Then I was curious, like, is this the holy grail? do I get to cash it in for a gift card? what's the significance. That's how I found your blog was by googling for "Golden Tot Sonic" or some such search line. I still don't know if this is like the only one in the whole US of A? (like winning the Powerball??). So who knows, maybe I'm stupid for letting it go. Lemme know what the Mothership in OKC tells you about it.

Anyway, that's where I saw your photos of the previous promo with the pirates and the golden tot done in a gold lame fabric.

In any case, I still couldn't find anything on the main Sonic website about the Golden Tot, and after you sent the card, I was like, well hey, lets send it to you, I don't need any more toys and it might humour you! ;-)

Of course, if you win a million dollars because of having it in your possession from some contest I don't know about, could you cut me about 5 or 10% ?? (finder's fee, ya know??) hahaha


Oh and by the way, today I read (on the banner attached to their fence) that the Sonic in Bel Aire, KS (really part of Wichita, it's on N. Woodlawn north of 37th) is one of the Semi-Finalists in the DrPepper contest that Sonic employees participate in every year. They even had a few roller skating carhops. Ours in my hometown usually don't bother with roller skates.... So who knows, we might get famous yet!

I was there today during happy hour - got me a lemonberry slush (yum!) and a beef chilly cheese dog. For once I'm not dying of heartburn, but I didn't bother with the bread. I just ate the beef dog and part of the chili and cheese. I'm guessing there's enough antioxidants in the lemon & strawberries in my slush to antidote the otherwise evil effects of hotdogs on my system. Either that, or my guts will be howling in revenge later tonight. *sigh*
Have fun with your new Golden Tot!


SONIC golden tot: ACHIEVED!

lepers and hardcore readers know that i've been after the SONIC golden tot in the wacky pack drink buddies series.

this morning i came home to find a package from msdrpepper.  it looks like an old skool floppy disc mailer (in reality, it was probably a SONIC gift card mailer) and inside, the goldiest of the SONIC drink buddy grails.

that's right, a golden tot ... and to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time a picture of one has ever been displayed on the 'net.
golden tot (with quarter for scale)
thrilling, i know.

so these are all the critters available as drink buddies: a lizard, a dog, a cat, a monkey, a WTF and a golden tot.
who's your buddy?
there are a few anomalies worth noting:
  • the cat is the only buddy with clothing (it's wearing a bow in its hair -- the dog has a collar)
  • the dog, the lizard and the WTF are the only buddies have a SONIC logo on the reverse
  • the others (cat, tot and monkey) have the mywackypack.com URL on the reverse [a site that has been "under construction" for months]
according to the wacky pack insert card, buddies are available in metallic, see-through and glitter finishes.  they're also available in many (unknown number) colors.

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Dinner and a movie: Cars 2 and Sonic's drive-in food
Palm Beach Post
The food: Cars plus food equals Sonic. The Oklahoma-based chain of drive-ins lets you sit in your sedan and await the arrival of hamburgers, ...

Palm Beach Post
Dogs offered for adoption at Sonic
Alexandria Town Talk
The Alexandria Animal Shelter will offer dogs for adoption from 10 am to noon Saturday at the Sonic Drive-in at 2102 North Mall Drive in Alexandria. ...

route 44 iced tea

durango SONIC


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Sonic Drive-In Opens in Manchester
Hartford Advocate
By Justina Severni The new Manchester Sonic is making quite an impression. The grand opening broke a national sales record for the drive-in chain, ...
Gragg Advertising Positions for Future: Recruits Former Barkley ...
PR Newswire
Buchele brings exciting new direction to the media team, with experience working with national clients such as Sonic Drive In, Build-A-Bear Workshop, ...


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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued a food ...
Lincoln Journal Star
Sonic Drive In, 8445 Holdrege St., June 9: Incomplete food handler permit roster; employees lack permits; underside of cooler racks moldy; employee drink ...

route 44 iced tea

flamingo SONIC

happy hour

route 44 iced tea.  sahara SONIC.


route 44 iced tea

flamingo SONIC.

death to the jr. reese's sundae

it's funny ... somewhere in the SONIC info stream i saw that the menu had been changed and many new exciting items are being offered ... so far i'm only noticing where they're shooting holes through good items ...

last night we went through the flamingo SONIC for a survey receipt ice tea and two jr. reese's sundaes -- they too are no longer available.

that means i'm going to have to go through and do a comprehensive menu examination in the next few days.  ick.


$2.50 burger and drink for dad today

latest txt

Treat ur Dad @ Sonic (Sun. 6/19) with a Sonic Burger & Med. Soft Drink for only $2.50 from 11am-8pm. Plz mention txt when ordering. Have a SuperSonic Day.

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Sonic owner wants to sell adjacent lot
Meriden Record-Journal
The parking lot adjacent to Sonic Drive In, in Wallingford has been used as a staging area for cars waiting to eat at the fast food restaurant on Friday ...
Car Show Calendar
Charleston Post Courier
Back to the Sonic Drive-in Car show will take place 10 am-4 pm at Sonic Drive-in, Irby Street in Florence. Palmetto Cruisers 


happy hour

medium limeade with extra lime.  sahara SONIC.

life to SONIC premium beef hot dogs

unlike the fritos chili cheese wraps, SONIC has decided to make their premium beef hot dogs a permanent menu addition ... both of them are good ... it's easiest if i think of this as a form of fast food karma and balance.


death of the fritos chili cheese wrap

stopped by the flamingo SONIC this morning with dr. bob ... along with the new menu changes they are no longer offering the fritos chili cheese wrap.

RIP.  that was a good product.

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Covington group making second trip to Smithville
Slidell Sentry News
Jenkins thanked everyone who helped make the first drive a success, especially Holden's Wrecker Service, Steve Miley family and Sonic Drive In, who provided ...

route 44 iced tea

flamingo SONIC



Happy hour

Medium limeade with extra lime. Sahara SONIC.


Route 44 iced tea

Flamingo SONIC

SONIC's nutrition calculator is now officially broken ...

... which is too bad, because it was fabulous.  the absolute best thing about it was it allowed you to see the components of separate things (like the fact a vanilla shake is made of ice cream and water).  it lived here, but links to it were removed several days ago, and now it's no longer functional.

it was a really really great tool.  i'm sorry to see it gone.


chili cheese tots 99c today

this was a TXT, but my lack of data phone didn't let me post it immediately.  (posted on 6/14, but put in correct chronological order.)


Snack it up @ Sonic today 6/13 with a reg order of chili cheese tots for 99 cents during Happy Hour.  Have a SuperSonic Day!

ring leader loaded burger and route 44 iced tea

(with wheat bun substitution) flamingo SONIC.

i know, i know.  i said i wouldn't be trying one of the new burgers because they'd been over-hyped to me, but apparently i'm more-than-willing to whore out my hard moral values for something less than $3.99 (once i figured out i could probably use a superSONIC experience postcard i had lying around).

in brief, the burger's a mess in nearly every sense of the word.  it's just trying to do too much.  so let's see, we've got tomato and lettuce and grilled onions and an onion ring and mayo and (super crappy) bacon and cheese and meat and something else i'm sure i'm forgetting.  you start mixing flavors like this, and in this quantity?  you just get a single taste.

and, in this case, the taste isn't that good.  the fryer grease was off a bit, which didn't help the onion ring.

the caloric hit is monstrous at 1230.  remembering that i limit myself to 1500 a day, that one burger leaves me very little headroom.

the overall effect is (you'll have to say this out-loud to get the full effect*) bbbuurrr-aaa-burra-blaaaab-blaaaah.  i won't be having another one of these again.

that's the downside.

the upside is they have real slices of cheddar on this beast.  big battles are eventually won by tiny placements and having real cheddar show up on the SONIC menu is a big step forward.  get us away from american, get us on with real cheeses.

and who am i to complain?  between my sandwich postcard from bitching in the past, and a survey receipt i had stashed, i paid a grand total of $0.00.  and i got a survey receipt on this "purchase" (i can't wait for the "do you feel you had good value for your money" question).

*blogger should add the ability to do sound annotations to blogs.  then you'd be gifted by my incredible audio annotations.


Happy hour

Medium limeade with extra lime.  Flamingo SONIC.


route 44 iced tea

durango SONIC


happy hour

medium limeade with extra lime.  flamingo SONIC.

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SONIC DRIVE-IN'S COMBOS & CONTROLLERS: Video Gamers Night @ Lake ...
June 11th: 4pm-10 pm Grab your friends and head to Sonic Drive-In's Combos & Controllers Video Gamer's Night—a Multi-Player Video Gamers night. ...


Happy hour

Medium lime Coke, Gilroy SONIC


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The Patterson Press: Guess What's Coming to Town?
Sonic is one of the most popular drive-in restaurants in America. ... After speaking with Rick Joshi, Director of Operation for Sonic drive in, the Sonic ...


50¢ jr. breakfast burritos tomorrow

latest TXT.

(i liked this offer the last time they had it.)


Start ur morning @ Sonic Mon. 6/6 w/50 cent Jr Breakfast Burritos from Open-10am. Plz mention txt when ordering. Have a SuperSONIC Day!


more SONIC TXT spam ...

... now with video!


SONIC has 2 new Loaded Burgers & a Double Stuf Oreo SONIC Blast for a limited time. Drive-in & try 1 today. Check them out @ http://bit.ly/SONICYouTube


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Sonic drives into Normal
Balloons were released during a groundbreaking ceremony welcoming Sonic this morning. (Photo by Michelle Mantel/WJBC) You might have seen one in Peoria, Pekin, and other Illinois communities and now a Sonic Drive-In will be right in your backyard. ...
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JPD investigates death at drive-thru
Jacksonville Daily News
Witnesses say a woman driving westbound on Lejeune Boulevard at around 6:30 pm pulled off the road near Sonic Drive-In near Hargett Street and parked. "After awhile someone checked on her and she wouldn't respond at all," said Norman Bright, ...
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Buffalo Wild Wings Eyeing Manchester Location
In addition to the Sonic Drive-In restaurant currently under construction at 90 Buckland St. – which the owners of the franchise say they hope to open in the coming weeks – the popular Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar chain have an application before the ...
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Event focuses on family safety
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette
The first 1500 people in the lunch line will get free hot dogs courtesy of Sonic Drive-In. — Tours of a firetruck, ambulance, police SWAT unit and medical helicopter. — Experts checking your child's safety seat in your car to see if it's installed ...
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Free Stuff, Discounts for Military on Memorial Day
First Coast News
Sonic Drive-in Restaurants are offering a buy-one, get-one-free deal through June 27 or a coupon good through July 15 on their new line of shakes and malts. From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, Sonic will serve 99-cent single-topping sundaes after 8 ...
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