happy hour

chicago dog: hold the peppers, tomato and relish; add mustard. medium limeade with extra lime. flamingo SONIC.

got my hero matt as my hop (and a survey receipt).

SONIC's been making a big deal out of their dogs ... to the point that if you're obsessed with reading the fine print, like i am, you know all too well that they're for a "limited time only."

i've been wanting to try one of these for awhile, and would've plunged last weekend if not for my coupon exploding. of course my gift card pushed me back over the "try-it" ledge.

for a bunch of funny (and mildly complex) reasons, i only like to eat a hot dog that's kosher ... and SONIC's aren't.

but let me tell you what, this dog, right here, is a damn site better than the one i had with the K awhile back.

the meat's good and juicy without being overly fatty in taste. the dog itself could stand to be just a touch wider in diameter (but really that's just the polish sausage lover in me talking).

the reason i ordered chicago from the gang of four choices was for the bun (and yes i *do* like a pickle wedge with my dog) ... the poppy seeds are a nice touch. i like the look, the texture and the mild taste addition it provides.  having said that, the bun's just a touch too fluffy -- it could use the same amount of mass with a bit less leavening.

the celery salt is a tremendously good addition. really makes all the flavors stand up a bit -- especially the mustard.

the top test of any dog, though -especially if you've put extra mustard on it- is to see how you feel two minutes after eating it ... if just the idea of a hot dog at that point makes you want to think about anything else, your original dog was a loser ... a great hot dog should have roughly the same effect on you as a good hit of methadone ... a very good hot dog will always make you want another.

which is what i'm thinking right now.

the wrapper says: "WARNING: objects in window may be even more delicious than they appear." and that's truth in advertising. my chicago dog tasted quite a bit better than it looked ...

... and it didn't look too bad.

this is the best "main course" food i've ever had at SONIC ... but that's not saying much coming from me ... all i've had is their burgers ... and when you live in an area that has both in-n-out and tommy's, SONIC burgers come up extremely weak.

still "best" is what best is, and for right now this is it.  a good dog is hard to find, and completely unheard of from a fast-food joint.

heres' to hoping that something in my menu exploration will stand even taller.


  1. So wonder if they can take the all beef dog and pimp it up with the chili and fritos to FINALLY make a kosher frito dog (something that has long been denied because I never would try their regular chili frito dog.).

  2. unfortunately, being all-beef isn't enough to be kosher ... the meat needs to be butchered and processed according to strict rules, overseen by a jewish authority and then blessed.

    HOWEVER, fritos are kosher ... so it's not an impossibility, just a fairly high bar to clear.

    here's to hoping.


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