SONIC coupon failure

i was going to go try a SONIC hot dog combo today using the coupon you
get from the match game. before i hit "print" i was warned that i could
only make one copy.

which would be fine except i got a mostly blank page with "SONIC
matchmaker" in the upper left, a "redeem coupon" URL in the upper right,
"1 of 1" in the lower left and a time/date stamp in the lower right.
the important stuff -which is to say "everything"- was missing.

i'm guessing this blank page won't get a buck off a combo. (actually it
might at flamingo SONIC -- they're really good about being
customer-focused there.)

no big deal.

i go back to jump through the hoops again, starting with the quiz.

"no sir, you can only get one coupon a day."

are you kidding me? all this for a dollar off a fricken hot dog combo?
i could do the dozen obvious-and-stupid things i'd need to do to get a
chance at printing another discount, but i'm not chasing this any

no SONIC for me today. i'll be skipping the combo permanently.

it'd be nicer if things just worked.

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