shopathome SONIC shame

let's ignore the fact that shopathome.com doesn't work with chrome (a far superior web browser to the ones it does work with) and focus instead on the fact that their SONIC coupons are either lame (hot dog match codes, really?), don't work (when i TXT for 5 closest SONICs, i get a fail) or are already well known (free wacky packs on kids' birthdays for registrants).

i chased this damn link because i saw the SONIC-related ad on blogger after posting my last entry and as a result i wasted ten minutes.

but the good news is they'll have to pay google for the click-through.  and i like google -- i want all my pals to stay employed there forever (or as long as they'd like).


  1. So glad we stumbled across your blog. Sonic is awesome! It seems, however, that the Sonic Restaurant Coupons posted on our site were not so awesome. And we’re super sorry about that. We have removed every last one of them.

    While ShopAtHome.com offers some fabulous coupons, deals and incredible Cash Back rebate offers, we realize that some of the content provided by our community members is not quite up to snuff. The Sonic “coupons” that were previously listed on our site were provided as part of our community contribution program. We encourage our site members to post deals that we may have missed in order to benefit our members. And, we offer an incentive for doing so. That’s good, right? Well, only when the posts are actually valuable to our members. We make every effort to monitor these posts and ensure they provide valid offers. Unfortunately, sometimes we miss a few. And we’re sure sorry that our oversight resulted in your time being wasted and has left you with a bad taste in your mouth for ShopAtHome.com.

    We don’t always get it right, but we do always make it right. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about us and for keeping us honest. We sure prefer to see positive posts, but we appreciate the opportunity to improve our site, our service and our deals!

    Annette Nueske, Customer Service Manager

  2. this is a great comment ... i'm going to be pulling it forward as its own post when i have more time later today.

    thanks for taking the time to do this -- even though it's your job.

  3. oh ... assuming "nueske" is your real name ... you're not related to the bacon people, are you?

  4. I'm very happy to respond. And yes, we are related to the Bacon people, though we don't know them. I believe my father-in-law's cousin is the founder of Nueske's Meats. It doesn't seem to be a tight-knit family. :)

    Have a superb day!


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