jr. breakfast burrito failure

at 12:40 AM i roll into flamingo SONIC (having already bought a bottle of tabasco sauce at terrible's next door).  the target, of course, is 50c breakfast burritos.

i order two from the drive-thru and am asked to pull forward.

while i'm waiting, someone cashier (or cashier-like) comes out.  this action, right here, is never a good sign.

"you said you received this offer by text message?"

"that's right.  it's right here ..." and i pass my hiptop out to the hop.

he goes back in.  i can see a small conference inside.

he comes back out.  there isn't food in his hands.  this is going to be a denial.

he's chirpy in that mormon missionary kind of way.  "you're going to hate me, but that coupon isn't good until 5:30."

i fake a smile.  "no problem."  and drive off.  i can hear a woman inside say, "does this mean no burritos?" as i drive past.

as soon as i get home, i call the 800 number.  i tell them exactly what i'm telling you now.

ignoring the fact that it was written in a cool style that's best approximated by a 13-year old girl, that TXT message from yesterday was 112 characters.  adding the phrase "from 5:30 " (or "frm" if you insist) in front of the "til ..." gives you ten more characters, or 122.  there isn't a TXT message broadcast system in the world that can't handle that length.

i realize not all SONICs in the world are 24 hours.  i don't care.  some of them are.

las vegas is a city where the terms "night" and "day" are just pleasantries to appease outsiders.  everyone who lives in this town understands that when the clock hits 12:01, it's tomorrow, it's morning.  that collective group understanding is one of the reasons i live here and one of the things i truly relish about what otherwise might be thought of as a hellhole oasis in the desert.

when SONIC sends a TXT message that says, "Start ur morning @ Sonic on Friday 4/8 til 11am w/50 Cent Jr Breakfast Burritos. Plz mention txt when ordering," then they need to honor it and they need to honor it in the way the city views it.

or let's look at the reverse and let me ask you this ... if you're not going to honor this TXT, what's the point of sending it?  what purpose does it serve?

i assume you're shooting for something bigger than raising my blood pressure, but maybe not.

it's not an exaggeration to say this is false advertising.  and even the stupidest ambulance chasing attorney could easily argue that this ad is bait and switch.

and now i'm going to say something that i didn't say to the operator, but i'm saying to whoever the hell reads this thing.

if you are going to offer discounts that are in turn defective or not honored (here and here are but two examples that i've written about beyond the case i'm talking about here ... i have about half a dozen more from before i started this 'blog) don't offer me anything.  

you guys are buggin' me.  i'm tired of you rattling my cage.

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