SONIC TXT problems

got this fan mail from a long-time reader in denver, CO today.

Re: so, i tried to get some mozzarella stix...

... with the 99 cent txt offer at the sonic halfway between my work and my home this evening... 

...to no avail. 

Of course, I do not have txt capability on my phone, so i could not prove what you posted, but the helpful young lady at the drive up window let me know they were not participating in any kind of txt promotion anyway.    
no worries, i will get some another time. 

your description of the stix:  "no real taste -- more of a conduit for fat and salt into your system"  is spot-on, in my book, and I was craving that exact sensation this evening. 

congrats on getting noticed by the mothership!  Your appreciation for them and their products has garnered you a well-earned gift - very smart on their part. 

ignoring the fact that this person isn't actually receiving the TXTs in question, the bigger idea here is an ongoing problem ...

SONIC needs to step up to the plate and educate the subsidiaries on how to handle out-of-market promos ... telling a customer "no, this isn't good here" might be acceptable from a business point-of-view, but is scorched-earth policy in the customer relations world.  

look at this from the customer's perspective.  let's say someone enters every damn TXT offer that gets put in front of your face (certainly that's what a corporation would want you to do).  whoever follows that path has no idea who's talking to them when they get a message.  their phone beeps and they see, "Snack It Up @ Sonic Wed. 3/30 with 99 cent Mozzarella Stiks All Day Long. Plz mention text when ordering," there's no immediate indication that it might not be good in, say, lubbock, TX.

if you try to get a SONIC to accept a TXT they don't recognize, it makes you, the customer, feel like a creep.  i know this all too well.

better would be to have a common ground where all SONICs agree to abide by any offer that's out in the field ... i mean, come on, are they going to that many people in manchester who are trying to take advantage of a vegas offer? ... and if joe-bob franchise owner can't actually afford to take the buck-and-a-half hit on an order of mozzarella sticks, then maybe corporate should subsidize some, or all of that difference.

i really don't see how this should fall on the shoulder of the consumer to know what is, or is not, honored where-and-when.  it's our money.  it's our custom.  you as a company have to work for it.  

step up to the plate.  

do your job.

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