new superbSONIC experiment underway


so what i want is a news alert to automatically blast any given SONIC drive-in news of the day to my gadget bar in the right hand margin ... unfortunately google doesn't have anything like that built-in to their gadgetry assortment (and for damn sure i'm not going to write it) ... so what i'm going to try instead is google alerts automatically posting here to the 'blog ... the bad news is it'll appear as just a normal post (a little more "important" than i'd like), but the good news is i might get some good googley-gook that's related to SONIC here.

i could have it post automatically, but for the time being i'm having it saved as draft so i can give the postings a look-see before they go out.  i suspect there'll be some formatting weirdness and probably title problems.

we'll see,

PS mr. crypto, grumbler, the robot or anyone else who happens to read this who's a techie: what i'm looking for is a newsfeed "gadget" (poke around on blogger to see what i'm referring to), BUT i want just the top story of the moment ... even something as crude as sample-at-midnight-now-give-me-the-top-story would work.  having this information living in/but over-written on the gadget bar is better than being in the text fields here because: 1. i'm not writing it and 2. it's not the focus of importance to what's here.

PPS you can ignore the gobblety-gook message from before if you get this by RSS ... and yes, i already changed the posting email address.

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