happy hour with mozz stix

medium limeade with extra lime and mozzarella sticks. flamingo SONIC.

super, super nice day ... 72° ... so i ate on the landing.  SONIC's grease can sometimes be a touch off in the fryer -a taste i'm especially sensitive to- but today it was nice and fresh. *great* mozz stix.

mozzarella sticks are a funny thing ... no real taste -- more of a conduit for fat and salt into your system, i'd guess ... sort of like popcorn ... but i've always LOVED THEM everywhere i've had them ... and SONIC's are particularly good in that pre-processed to perfection  kind-of-way.

also got the best car hop i've ever had ... matt, a super-friendly guy originally from bakersfield.

as he was delivering my order he went off about the TXT coupons ... "aren't they GREAT!?"

it's not like i need any fuel to feed that fire in me, of course. i perk up, "yeah, i love them. my favorite was the 11¢ cones on new year's day."

"OH YEAH! that was a good one! my favorite was the ... what was it? ... the ... uh ... YEAH! red velvet cheesecake blast for a dollar on valentine's day! THAT WAS SICK!"

"no. let me tell you what was 'sick.' i was in california when that message came out. i took it to a california SONIC and they wouldn't honor it."

"NO WAY! NO WAY! that's just NOT RIGHT!"

see? now *this* is a person that understands the way the world is *supposed* to be.  why the hell can't the manager of the gilroy SONIC have this much sense?

in other news, the great thing about this pic (aside from the fact it's taken from las vegas on the very most gorgeous of days) is if you look at the palms across the street ... that room in the very top, in the upper left hand corner -- the one that the overhang is kind of pointing at? ... that's where i took the pic from this morning.

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