route 44 iced tea

flamingo SONIC


  1. nice stack...

    this must be what sunday evenings at the imperial look like

  2. thanks.

    this is from a starting rack of 200, so i'm about 85 up here after three hours of play.

    oddly enough, there was a HUGE swing in this game ... not long after this photo was taken, i went four orbits without playing a hand, then lost a big baduci hand (an 8 badugi and a 86 low lost to a 7 badugi and a number 3)... those two events eliminated all my gains, and put me at a mild loss, after five hours.

    i then spent the next six working it back to a little more than what you see here (120 up).

    a record for the mixer at 12 hours of play ... but all that seat time gives me another ticket into a drawing for a WSOP seat.

    the guy at the 1:00 position of this photo (a montrealean) was in for five racks and won three back. the robot (at 12:00) won about two and a half racks in one rotation.

    several brits and a nice guy from detroit. best mixed table i've ever played ... although FAR from the easiest.

    three big hands for me: a scooping low heart flush in stud 8, a wheel in A-5 hi/lo that got me half of a $100+ pot, and a 4-card 7, number three that got me three quarters of a HUGE badugi pot.


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