write for superbSONIC?

let's say you're a loner with no hobbies ...

... or let's say that you've got an obsession with the greatest fast-food drinks in the US, a good SONIC story, a cool piece of info, or even work at/own/rob restaurants in this fine chain ...

if any of those things apply to you, you're welcome to post here ... i'll take anything from a one-off story to ongoing diatribes ... just think, you can be just as famous as i am and you'll get paid the same amount.*

leave a comment or send an email to fly.a.versatran+SONIC [at] gmail.com

*if you can't figure out what these figures are, i think it's in your best interest not to write here.


  1. ya hahaha My advice is worth about what you paid for it!!

  2. oh wow, I just received my first bit oof remuneration for what I last wrote. And while I was waiting on the postal service to deliver it, I went to Sonic and had a vanilla ice cream. In a dish. And you know, I think I *did* get more than I would have gotten in a sugar cone.

    But it was also neater too, no messy drip-throughs. You see, sugar cones always have a "weak spot" in the dough, where not as much dough worked into the mold before being baked into the cone shape. It's usually in some spot like 1/4 inch up from the bottom edge, where it starts to leaking before I have eaten up the top part of the cone downward. And the hotter it is outdoors, the faster the cone will spring a leak. So when I'm driving a vehicle, it's best for me to forget the cone (yummy as it is), and have the ice cream in a dish.

    So now I'm off to Sonic Mothership to register my remuneration.



PLEASE don't drink your slush as you type.