experimental slush

route 44 lemon-iced tea slush, with extra lemon. flamingo SONIC.

sometimes i have why-didn't-i-think-of-this-before ideas ...
yesterday when i was waiting for my slush on the landing, i heard a guy
order a dr. pepper slush. an interesting idea -- slush with dr. pepper
in it.

and then it hit me ... ice tea slush ... and hey wait a minute, if
you're gonna do that, you could go ahead and cross it with a lemon slush
(an "arnold palmer slush" if you're white, a "lisa's delight slush" if
you're black).

it's essentially unheard of for me to order a drink off happy hour, but
i wanted to celebrate my black jack tournament win today ... so i
scrounged an old survey receipt from my glove box to give it a try.

it's sort of hit-and-miss. the taste is right, but the slush is diluted
by the regular ice tea liquid ... which, in turn, makes the slush rise
in the drink ... you end up with liquid in the bottom, slush sediment on top.

i can drink nearly an infinite amount of ice tea ... and that's a
caloric problem here because the taste is close enough to ice tea that i could
just down the whole thing at once ... that'd be more than 300 calories
in one go, and just too much.

half in my belly now, half in the freezer for tomorrow (which may well take care of the not-fully-frozen problem).

a good experiment.


2/22/11 addendum:

freezing the entire thing solid in my freezer at home, and then thawing it back out, essentially solves the too-thin-slush problem (the texture's off just a bit because the ice grains are a little larger).  not exactly expedient, but an answer that works.


  1. Iced tea (sometimes corrupted to ice tea)

  2. i actually went back and changed some of the descriptions post-publishing, but pre your comment.

    i use the phrase "ice tea" and always have ... SONIC uses "iced tea," so when i use that spelling i'm talking from SONIC's point of view.

    in any event, i'd bet everything i own that you've never heard of a "lisa's delight."

    and no, you don't get a SONIC card for being the second person to comment here.

    {funnily enough, i'm breaking my own rule and drinking the rest of this lemon-iced tea slush as i type this comment.}


PLEASE don't drink your slush as you type.