partial survey receipt decoding

the combination of starting this 'blog, and a surplus of survey receipts, has gotten me to the point that i know some of coding on them.

when you call the survey number (877-807-2710), you're asked to give the code in the lower left hand of the receipt.  after you answer the questions (sometimes just three, sometimes a slew of them) you're given a validation code.

in my most recent visit...
the receipt code was: 243802230456
the survey completion code was: 243811541

this was at the SONIC on sahara, which is #2438.  so the first four numbers of the receipt and the completion are the store code.  the suffix digits of the receipt code might be nothing more than a serial receipt number (ie. they've given out 2M surveys).  the suffix of the completion code is probably the number of people who have actually taken the surveys and responded.

ah, the things you think about as you nibble on a wacky pack.

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