happy hour

the SONIC on flamingo -- i don't have the number handy right this

this is supposed to be a medium lemon-berry slush, but i'm pretty sure
it's a strawberry slush.
her: "... and here's your strawberry slush."
me: "'strawberry?' do you mean 'lemon-berry?'"
her: "oh, yeah, lemon-berry."
it's too red, too strawberry-y and not sour enough.

my driver also didn't ask for a receipt, but i think we got weirdly
over-charged again. unfortunately with no receipt, i can't press it.

when she saw me taking the photo, the cashier said, "where're you from?"

i said, "las vegas, NV," and got nothing but a blank stare back.

no 50¢ special corn dogs today. i'm not a corn dog fan and 50% isn't
enough of a discount for me to shovel one down my gullet.

suprisingly unsatisfactory visit.

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