superbSONIC rolls (and *maybe* rocks?)

got this piece of fan mail from suttonhoo.  close friend and confidant.  hardcore ecommerce person.  occasional bane of the entire b1- series.  (the closing refers to the ongoing talks we've had about whether the jillions of things i write should be consolidated.)


re: your sonic blog is mesmerizing

body: & I'm trying to figure out why.

it's always fun to read your stuff, of course; but that's not why.

the account of the SMS campaign mishaps is fascinating to me as a
marketer, but that's not why.

maybe it's the repetition with the mild variations on a theme. or the
fact that these different locations develop into characters that we
know and recognize when they come round again.

you're right that it definitely needs to be it's own, dedicated stream.

good stuff.

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