SONIC is (and will be) watching me eat

on the 18th of march, i awoke to find this in my versatran mailbox:

Hey there,

We've been following your blog and we wanted to reach out and say hi! As a token of our appreciation for your being such a big SONIC fan, we'd like to send you a My SONIC gift card. Just reply with your address and we'll get one right out to you.

i pass the news around.  it's funny how a simple email can generate a firestorm of discussion ... especially if you have friends who aren't focused enough on their day jobs.  

my e-commerce pal replied in one sentence, in that loving and touching way she's so famous for, "they got off cheap."  special K went into full-on 'net stalker mode, giving me running TXT updates on information he was discovering about the sender.

anyone and everyone i talked to, the first question they asked was, "how much?"

as if that even matters.

part of the reason i wanted to start superbSONIC was to see if anything would come out of it ... i mean, if i'm gonna be stopping there all the time i might as well document it and see what happens ... it's not that much work. 

i figured that one of these days i'd get some sort of freebie out of the mothership ... you know, a t-shirt, a hat, food, something ... i just didn't expect for it to happen so quickly ... i mean, come on, 47 SONIC stops in two-and-a-half months isn't that many, right?

okay, well, it is kind of a lot.  and yes, writing this 'blog DOES make me go to SONIC more often ... but don't change the subject.

i just got off the phone with the author of that email (incredibly nice woman -- especially considering the fact that she was being forced to talk to a rambling freak on the other end).  we had a nice conversation where i'd say all kinds of crazy things and when i'd hand the discussion over to her she'd pause (probably trying to figure out if there was a way i might be able to pull a gun on the phone), then come up with the smallest number of syllables she could utter before i'd ramble some more.

in 15 minutes we covered all sorts of bases ranging from the unemployment rates of a major midwest cities to the fact that i believe american cheese is crap ... but in summary, yes, a SONIC gift card is coming my way!  (something i claim is good, pure, karmic retribution for the 20 bucks i shelled out to special K.)

in addition to feeding my happy hour fixations, i'm going to use that card specifically to delve deeper into the menu ... there's a bunch of stuff on there i've never had that i'm gonna try.  it will be fun, fun, fun.

very early out-of-the-gate i'm gonna get a fruit smoothie (and shortly after that, a grilled chicken salad ... looks really promising) ... but it's going to take a fair amount of planning as i wander through the display board ... there are land mines everywhere on there ... i been eating 1500 calories a day for several months, and the smallest smoothie is 500 calories.

i'm also going to jack up the amount of time i use this 'blog as an open communications channel to SONIC.  you guys are reading it?  great.  i've got some stuff to say if i'm going to bend you to my wishes.  one thing i'm absolutely certain of is SONIC is the most responsive of the nationwide food chains.  they actually kind of "get" the needs and wants of the larger american public -- as much as any corporate monstrosity ever does.  

what?  you don't believe it?  okay, when has mcdonald's, burger king or taco bell ever sent you a gift card?  oh that's right, they haven't.  (but maybe, just maybe, it's because you never got up off your lazy hypothetical ass and actually made a 'blog to the target of your obsession.)

but SONIC's monetary subsidy of my caloric intake won't make what i write here any less (or more) bratty ... it also won't start me using a caps key ... the only real change is it makes me somewhat less likely to dumpster dive the sahara SONIC looking for survey receipts.

to show my gratitude (and for personal statistical reasons) in future posts i'll be using the tag "thanks SONIC" whenever i use a gift card.

i would write more, but i've got to go chow on some mozzarella stix, as well as run a few intervals before my wacky pack tonight.

oh, and by the way ...

thanks, SONIC!

... i mean that sincerely.  

(your current PR reps are very good.)

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