Press Release: Special K Nabs SONIC Gift Card on SuperbSONIC ‘Blog

In a move considered suspicious by many, the enduring Internet presence known only as “Special K” was granted a $20 Sonic Drive-in gift card for being the first to comment on superbSONIC.blogspot.com (superbSONIC).  New to the Web, superbSONIC is a fan-blog relating to the personal proclivities of the disappointingly prolific writer “b1-66er.”

B1-66er explains what happened like this, “Right from the start I knew the first person to comment on the ‘blog was getting a $20 gift card and I told no one that this was the case.  The fact that my pal, Special K, got the award was pure coincidence.”

Or is it?  B1-66er and Special K been writing partners together on many 24 Hour Enterprises (24HoursOfTV.com) events and have occasional co-postings on ktxt.blogspot.com.

When asked about the situation, b1-66er seemed to become mildly agitated.  “Listen, he didn’t know about it, okay?  It could have been anyone.  But the truth is there’s only about three people who produce any original writing on the Web and Special K happens to be one of them.”  When pressed harder, b1-66er added, “No, I don’t care about how good he writes.  Here’s an idea to try on: you shut up now.”

When asked what he’d say to a winner of a $20 Sonic Drive-in gift card, Special K shouted, “Kol kach!” a phrase that, when translated from the K’s fluent German roughly means, “You should be a-lovin’ your SONIC gift card!”

B1-66er refuses to state whether more Sonic Drive-in gift cards are in store for the future and offers only the cryptic: “What do you think?  When was the last time you commented on a ‘blog and got a gift card?”

Everyone at Polterzeitgeist Productions extends a hearty congratulations to Special K, noting that all the taxes associated with the prize remain his responsibility.

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