entertainment book SONIC coupons

the excellent 2011 las vegas entertainment book has two pages of SONIC coupons.
page A19 has four coupons:
BOGO extra-long chili cheese coney
BOGO SONIC breakfast burrito
free(!) vanilla cone

page D27 has three coupons:
BOGO SONIC breakfast burrito
BOGO extra-long chili cheese coney

the A page coupons don't have store names on their backs. although the
upper part of the page mentions NV SONICs by address, i'm guessing if
you tore them out there's a good chance they'd be accepted anywhere.
the backs of the D page coupons mention henderson, las vegas, N las
vegas and pahrump SONICs by address and would probably have to be used
at those locations.

(sadly neither the denver, nor san jose entertainment books have SONIC coupons in them ... although there are SONICs in those areas.)

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