SONIC gift card

special K has received his SONIC gift card for commenting on this

several things worth noting:

* i paid $1 for shipping on the gift card, but the postage was $1.39.
when i bought it, i thought $1 seemed "excessive" (or "profitable for
SONIC" -- your choice).

* if you register the card, you "earn a free SONIC treat" (that's what
the little blue sticker at the top says. i remember doing this before
with my SONIC card -- i think you get a cream slush).  {2/1/11 edit: special K was  given a coupon good for medium tots for doing this, not a cream slush.}

* it took about a week to get the card with their cheapest shipping.

* the back of the card envelope says:

and that last item is news to me. it makes the SONIC play obvious ... buy
everything with your card, reload as necessary ... and guard that sucker
with your life.

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