vanilla cone

SONIC #5942

flew to MRY early this PM and on my way to san jose stopped by gonzales
for lunch with my brother.

i wanted to stop by the gilroy SONIC as i headed north, but my brother
and i gabbed long enough that i knew i'd end up missing happy hour (for
the first time since starting this 'blog!).

i've had several less-than-ideal experiences many times at this
particular SONIC (being ignored at the drive-thru, wrong orders, food
never showing up at the stalls) -not to mention i'm not a fan of paying
full-on retail when discounts are available anyway ... for damn sure i wasn't gonna given 'em money.

my remedy?  i tore out my free vanilla cone† coupon from my las vegas entertainment book and tried it.

no problem.

the order taker was lucid and fast. the coupon was accepted without
question or hesitation. the final product was the best *looking*
vanilla cone i've ever had at a SONIC (much to my satisfaction, they
always taste *exactly* the same -- which is to say, super-creamy and

the cone also healed a minor wound left from last night ... when i get a
wacky pack, i like to finish with a vanilla dish, but i skipped it
yesterday because i was getting a bit close to the edge of my calorie

and as if things weren't good enough already, i got a survey receipt. a
freebie route 44 will be mine in the not-too-distant future ... most
welcome since i'll be taking a long drive back home in a couple weeks.

gilroy SONIC has moved up one level in my mind -- then again, they
needed to.

†SONIC's phrase, not mine.

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