here's a crappy cell phone shot of the receipt i got at the SONIC last
week ... it's worth a free route 44 drink on the next visit ... my
experience has been that the NV ones do not have a code-write-in blank
and the CA ones do (i don't think i've ever received one in CO or WY).
you're supposed to call within 14 days of getting them, although i'm
fairly certain i've waited longer than that in the past.

the surveys themselves are interesting. sometimes they go into an
extreme amount of detail -including the ability to leave voice messages-
other times it's just a couple of questions and you're done. (this
particular survey was among the very longest i've ever taken.)
i'm a fan of all surveys (from anyone) and take them at every
opportunity. not only because i get free stuff, but also because most
people blow 'em off. since sampling mathematics comes into play here,
that means my bizarre proclivities get disproportionally represented
through the population ... and the world goes more to my liking as a

roughly speaking i'd say i get receipt surveys about 1/4 of the time i
go to SONIC ... but it may be less than that and i'm focusing only the
times i do and not when i don't. i'll get a better idea as i track here
on the 'blog.

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