my SONIC prejudices

my favorite drink: lemon-berry slush

my favorite SONIC: 4260 W flamingo road; las vegas, NV
super-friendly.  very fast.  sharp employees.  always well aware of any given promotion.  great manager.  24 hour.  at night you can watch the neon at the palms casino across the street. close enough to the rio that i can go there during breaks in the world series.

my most hated SONIC: 6921 Cameron Boulevard; gilroy, CA
these guys wouldn't know how to hang onto a clue if you put a handle on it.  (once i had a coupon good for a free route 44 sized drink and asked if i could get a smaller one instead ... you already know what the answer was.)  they often are slow to respond to the boards.  the place is right on the edge of america's largest garlic fields, so EVERYTHING tastes like garlic.  AND you have to drive through some kind of crazy nautilus configuration just to get in and out of there.

SONIC pet peeve: when i say, "i'd like a lemon-berry slush and nothing else, please;" but they respond with, "would you like some mozzarella sticks with that?"

biggest SONIC thrill: when they play my song on SONIC FM.

my favorite SONIC promotion ever: 11 cent ice cream cones on new year's day this year.  i ate three.

second favorite SONIC promotion: wacky pack wednesday.  chicken strips, apple slices, a lemon-berry slush (all in very reasonable sizes) and a game for $1.79 is a great deal.  i always look forward to wednesday.

SONIC food change i'd most like to see: a switch from american to cheddar cheese.

trait i'd like to see become more common among SONIC food preparers: squeeze the lemons and limes in the drinks, instead of just plopping the wedges in there.

biggest SONIC surprise: when the curator gave me a SONIC give card as a present.

best SONIC experience: we stopped at my favorite SONIC on my mom's 75th birthday and they gave her a bouquet of balloons.  i called the SONIC customer service number to say how happy i was and they sent me a postcard for a free burger as a thanks for calling.


  1. "trait i'd like to see become more common among SONIC food preparers: squeeze the lemons and limes in the drinks, instead of just plopping the wedges in there." - have you SEEN what some of the car hop fingers look like? Do you WANT them to squeeze your lemon into your drink with their dirty hands?? Thank you but no, I'd rather squeeze my own.

  2. yes i have. yes i do. i don't have the paranoia about food safety that seems to haunt the rest of the US.

    and in any event, a lemon isn't what you call the ideal vector for microbe.

    i've had food poisoning exactly once ... when a family friend prepared a meal for me with a bad egg (i still can't eat hard boiled eggs as a result).

    and i've only been sick 13 days in 37 years of work (10 of those were from chicken pox at the age of 27).


PLEASE don't drink your slush as you type.