wacky pack wednesday

chicken strips, apple slices, powerade slush and three "drink buddies."  durango SONIC.

great night for a landing meal ...

BUT wouldya look at that drink buddy insert card! "FIND THE LIMITED-EDITION GOLDEN TOT!"


i asked the two carhops working the landing about them ... a tough position for any carhop to be in because they have to actually respond to the customer,

but COME ON, there has to be limits to what we do with the customers, right?  that old man over there is asking about inserts in kids' meals!  and he doesn't even seem like a sexual predator -- he just seems like some kind of SONIC freak!

neither knew what i was talking about until i showed them the insert card ... and neither had seen any of them.

as a poor man's second, instead of actually producing said golden tot, my favorite durango SONIC carhop (alex), asked me if i wanted to take my 'blog food photo with him posing on skates ... and if you think about it, that's a very good comeback ... it puts us on almost exactly the same level of social retardation.

but not now, alex, next time.

oh golden tot, when will you be mine?


  1. Sorry about the typing error. What I had asked was if this was something that had been found yet. I have yet to see a true to life picture of "the Golden Tot". I don't eat Sonic however every once in a long while I pick up something for my little one. Out of pure curiosity I took an extra minute of my free time to google a picture of this toy. My child thought he had found one but it seemed too orange to me. Has anyone seen one yet?

  2. i certainly haven't.

    if i had to guess, i'd say sweet24pea on ebay is a SONIC employee ... and s/he has claimed to have several golden tots up for bid in the past ... here's one now:


    i've communicated with sweetpea about one in the past and have been told "yes, that's definitely a gold tot in the background," even though i can't see it.

    i've seen an orange tot on another blog, but i'd say that's not the golden tot ... i'm expecting it to be yellow-gold and glittery.

    1. No it's not glittery ..it's gold ...gold color

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PLEASE don't drink your slush as you type.