SONIC dish network promo

a pal stopped by durango SONIC last weekend to pick up a 99¢ sundae.  along with the order receipt there was a glossy postcard (read "expensive") ad for the dish network. the upshot was if you signed up for a new activation, you got a "free" $20 SONIC gift card.

i have no problem with an ad like this being shoved in my face ... gimme a chance at a deal i won't otherwise know about, and i might take it.

except, of course, in this specific case ... i don't watch TV ... because i don't like ads being shoved at me about things i don't care about.

the bottom of the ad (in the SONIC "square," strangely enough), says, "how much can we save you?"  a tough, tough question ... how much can you save off of my current TV bill of $0?

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