what are the odds of getting a survey receipt at SONIC?

you'd think a combination of a degree in applied mathematics, a minor cataloging  mentality and a major obsession with SONIC would give me a definitive answer to this question ... but, surprisingly (to me, only, perhaps), i only have guesses.

my experience has been that any given visit to a NV SONIC has something like a 40-60% chance of getting a survey receipt.

there are a number of things that might come into play here:
  • the interest of the franchisee
  • the area of the country the SONIC is in
  • individual items that are ordered
  • the financial success of any individual store within the chain
  • health reports on any individual store
so your odds may vary widely.  it wouldn't surprise me at all (in fact i'd go so far to say that i "expect") if your chances of getting a survey receipt in long island are different than OK city.

i tried calling the 800 number to see if i could glean more information before i wrote this post, but was put hold.  this is precisely the kind of question that the customer service operators there will have no clue about ... mostly they regurgitate the stuff that's already online (and in some cases they even miss that).  i'll call again at some freak hour (so i don't have to hold) and update this if i get more information ... but i'll tell you right now, the odds of that happening are MUCH lower than those of getting a survey receipt at SONIC.


  1. Hi, I've been a manager with Sonic for 9 years. Just to give you some insight, it depends on the Sonic Drive-In in question. They set the tickets to print our every (4,5,6, etc) tickets based on the number of responses they get a month. If they get too many responses (more than 65), they knock it down to every 6 or 7 tickets. If they need more responses they will set it to print every 2 or 3 tickets. Our store prints a "winning" receipt every 4 tickets, because that is a good way to get enough responses per month. The store 10 miles from us prints every 2 tickets, because they do not receive as many responses. So it varies on how often they print out, but it has nothing to do with what you order, the area of the US, the sales of the store, etc.

    Sonic will only pay for the first 65 responses to a survey, so they stores try to vary their tickets to give a number of receipts that will get them to that number. They wouldn't print it on every ticket, because it would be a waste because they may receive many more than 65 responses, when all they want/need is 65. Does this all make sense?

  2. hi aimee,

    several things. in order of importance.

    1. if that thumbnail is a picture of you, i can say, without question, that you are the hottest 9 year SONIC manager i've ever known.

    2. thank you for taking the time, not only to comment, but to be coherent and make only one typo in your response. you reflect well upon america's brand drive-in properties, LLC.

    3. yes, it all makes sense. i have a degree in applied mathematics and spent a little time studying statistics and operations research (SOR). they worry about these kinds of things in the population ... your remarks make a LOT of sense relative to my anecdotal experiences at SONIC.

    4. if we ever cross SONIC paths, i promise i won't treat you like an in-n-out.

    5. i wish everyone i dealt with in the world was both as pleasant and as interesting relative to the questions that burn in my gut.

    6. i wish you all the best.


  3. an added question, in case you're still following this thread ... how/why did you stumble across superbSONIC?


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