happy hour

jr. chili cheese wrap and route 44 limeade with extra lime. gilroy SONIC.

super-busy at my most hated SONIC. the cashier was really fast and very efficient with an unbelievable amount of work (taking an order, making a drink and dealing with a malfunctioning card reader ... simultaneously).

superb.  as they used to say on ABC, "full marks for the little girl from romania!"

the jr. chili cheese wrap was very good ... really the only low point is the gummy tortilla-to-tasty insides ratio is a bit high.

or as my pal said, "THIS is the answer to the question, 'what's the best way to eat chili in a car with no utensils?'"

at 330 calories the jr. chili cheese wrap is actually a pretty damn good snack ... as long as you're not always washing it down with a bathtub of limeade.

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