happy hour

large JUMBO popcorn chicken and medium limeade with extra lime. sahara SONIC.

the popcorn chicken is good, but not as strong as the KFC competitor.  the taste is close to the chicken strips i always get in my wacky packs, although it *looks* to me like the batter has a bit more pepper in it here. (the only mild down-side was the cooking grease was a bit off.)

beautiful day in vegas. ate out on the landing and called SONIC FM before i even so much as opened the "PUNCH ME OUT FOR DIPPING SAUCE" flap on my popcorn box.

"do you have any surf music? i want something surf. chantays. ventures. something."  i always liked these kinds of requests in my DJ days.

"sure. i'll put it on."

NEXT SONG is the ventures hawai'i 5-0, 'for b1-66er in las vegas.'

it's the little things in life that make it special, but this is big.  oh YES!

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