SONIC match maker quiz "explained"

the ongoing promo of the moment at SONIC is the "match maker" game.  one part is a quiz to figure out what exact hot dog and drink combo is perfect for your deviant personality ... the other is a peel-back receipt sticker that's attached to any purchase.

although the phrase "you could win a $5000 amazon.com gift card" is boldly emblazoned on the playing piece, really all you can win "instantly" (a fairly broad use of the term because you have to produce your game piece and dicker back and forth with the mothership) is a "free combo" (actually a better deal than a combo -- it's a gift card of $7.50).

to win the amazon.com gift card you have to enter the sweepstakes.

what happens in the real world is you peel back your sticker, enter the number on SONIC's web site and find out that you lose {5/26 addendum: codes are no longer acceptable on the web site, but you can still get a combo discount by taking the matchmaker quiz}.  i'm guessing that you're supposed to stifle your sobs of defeat as you play the SONIC match maker game to determine what your best drink/hot dog combo is.

fortunately for the public at large (and unlike most back street carny games) american corporations are required to post their odds of winning.  a peek will tell you that your chances of an instant win are 1 in 1,000.

to put this in perspective, you are: 
  • six times more likely to be audited by the IRS at some point in your life
  • 100 times more likely to contract the flu this year
  • 13 times more likely to die in some kind of a transportation incident this year

your chances of wining the amazon.com card "re-draw" are dependent on the number of entries.  considering that i always enter, i think you never should.

good luck.

{weird aside:  don't have a SONIC near you?  no problem.  you can enter this by mail "for free" by sending a 3x5 card to SONIC and then the "Administrator will play the Instant-Win Game and enter the Sweepstakes on your behalf. Only winners will be notified."  now that is a weird fricken job.}

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