ring leader loaded burger and route 44 iced tea

(with wheat bun substitution) flamingo SONIC.

i know, i know.  i said i wouldn't be trying one of the new burgers because they'd been over-hyped to me, but apparently i'm more-than-willing to whore out my hard moral values for something less than $3.99 (once i figured out i could probably use a superSONIC experience postcard i had lying around).

in brief, the burger's a mess in nearly every sense of the word.  it's just trying to do too much.  so let's see, we've got tomato and lettuce and grilled onions and an onion ring and mayo and (super crappy) bacon and cheese and meat and something else i'm sure i'm forgetting.  you start mixing flavors like this, and in this quantity?  you just get a single taste.

and, in this case, the taste isn't that good.  the fryer grease was off a bit, which didn't help the onion ring.

the caloric hit is monstrous at 1230.  remembering that i limit myself to 1500 a day, that one burger leaves me very little headroom.

the overall effect is (you'll have to say this out-loud to get the full effect*) bbbuurrr-aaa-burra-blaaaab-blaaaah.  i won't be having another one of these again.

that's the downside.

the upside is they have real slices of cheddar on this beast.  big battles are eventually won by tiny placements and having real cheddar show up on the SONIC menu is a big step forward.  get us away from american, get us on with real cheeses.

and who am i to complain?  between my sandwich postcard from bitching in the past, and a survey receipt i had stashed, i paid a grand total of $0.00.  and i got a survey receipt on this "purchase" (i can't wait for the "do you feel you had good value for your money" question).

*blogger should add the ability to do sound annotations to blogs.  then you'd be gifted by my incredible audio annotations.

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