death to the jr. reese's sundae

it's funny ... somewhere in the SONIC info stream i saw that the menu had been changed and many new exciting items are being offered ... so far i'm only noticing where they're shooting holes through good items ...

last night we went through the flamingo SONIC for a survey receipt ice tea and two jr. reese's sundaes -- they too are no longer available.

that means i'm going to have to go through and do a comprehensive menu examination in the next few days.  ick.


  1. Man I'll have to check our menu. I never saw those, but I did have that double oreo thing. It was yummy but I was sick the next day. Not sure why, maybe no coincidence.

    And I got a free Route 44 coupon the other day but misplaced it. Can't find it anywhere. Didn't get a coupon with today's order. sigh. Another day another chance.

  2. I discovered tonight, much to my dismay, that limeade chillers have been removed from the menu. They seem to have all of the constituent parts still, so maybe there is hope it will return.


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