where golden tots come from

email conversation with msdrpepper.

okay ms. dr. pepper,

how/when did you get your hands on the golden tot you sent me?  did you buy, like, a zillion wacky packs?  or did you bribe a SONIC official?  ebay?  what?

it's a great present.

thanks so much,


No - that was like the first wacky pack I'd bought in like, ages. My 13 year old has been eating adult's food for the past 2-3 years. I wasn't in the mood for a big sandwich one night when we were there, and got the wacky pack. We don't watch TV so I had no idea about the so-called Golden Tot and all of that big mystique. I knew I'd be getting some benign toy (back story: 10 years ago, Sonic and Arbys were my two favorite places for the kids meals because their toys for the kids were the most reasonable, not so much of the "licensed idiot movie character of the month" and kept my son's interest longer. I still have some of the old Sonic and Arby's toys we had back then.).

So I got the pack and it had those silly Drink Pals and one was this "Golden Marshmallow" I originally thought, before I read the packaging materials and learned that it was, in fact, "The Golden Tot".

Then I was curious, like, is this the holy grail? do I get to cash it in for a gift card? what's the significance. That's how I found your blog was by googling for "Golden Tot Sonic" or some such search line. I still don't know if this is like the only one in the whole US of A? (like winning the Powerball??). So who knows, maybe I'm stupid for letting it go. Lemme know what the Mothership in OKC tells you about it.

Anyway, that's where I saw your photos of the previous promo with the pirates and the golden tot done in a gold lame fabric.

In any case, I still couldn't find anything on the main Sonic website about the Golden Tot, and after you sent the card, I was like, well hey, lets send it to you, I don't need any more toys and it might humour you! ;-)

Of course, if you win a million dollars because of having it in your possession from some contest I don't know about, could you cut me about 5 or 10% ?? (finder's fee, ya know??) hahaha


Oh and by the way, today I read (on the banner attached to their fence) that the Sonic in Bel Aire, KS (really part of Wichita, it's on N. Woodlawn north of 37th) is one of the Semi-Finalists in the DrPepper contest that Sonic employees participate in every year. They even had a few roller skating carhops. Ours in my hometown usually don't bother with roller skates.... So who knows, we might get famous yet!

I was there today during happy hour - got me a lemonberry slush (yum!) and a beef chilly cheese dog. For once I'm not dying of heartburn, but I didn't bother with the bread. I just ate the beef dog and part of the chili and cheese. I'm guessing there's enough antioxidants in the lemon & strawberries in my slush to antidote the otherwise evil effects of hotdogs on my system. Either that, or my guts will be howling in revenge later tonight. *sigh*
Have fun with your new Golden Tot!


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