fanmail from some flounder

msdrpepper has recently discovered my 'blog ... we had a back-and-forth email exchange, part of which i wanted to capture here.

If you're ever in Arkansas, there's a Sonic ohhh what town is it in?? it's on the beautiful mountainous road that goes north from Conway Arkansas (on my way to Branson, MO), and they had the BEST DrPepper! even won some sort of prize in a contest that DrPepper sponsors every year with the various Sonic locations...

oh well...

sounds like you mostly run between Calif. and Nevada. Myself - I didn't have a car when I lived in Pasadena once upon a time way back when, and I've never been to Nevada... but we'll check out Sonics most everywhere else in the midstates and southern states... (although I've not seen the Sonic with indoor seating, guess I need to spend more time in Fl & Ga next time I'm down that way.).

you just gotta love the dr. pepper focus ... her email also included a sig that i believe in whole-heartedly ...

* Watch your thoughts; they become words;*
* Watch your words; they become actions;*
* Watch your actions; they become habits;*
* Watch your habits; they become character;*
* Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.*

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