complete SONIC menu (with pricing)

this should answer all the "how much is a ____ at SONIC drive-in" questions.

SONIC as a company can't put up the prices because they vary by region and individual location (although with a little intelligent software they could make some damn good guesses).  the following list is from the flamingo SONIC -- those in your area will likely be different (probably a little higher?), but they'll definitely in the same ballpark.  if you want to know exact pricing at any given SONIC, call the store and ask ... if you can't find your store's number, call SONIC's 800 number and ask them for it.

breakfast items
jr. breakfast burrito: $1.00
breakfast burrito: 1.89
french toast sticks: 1.99
breakfast toaster: 2.39
croisSONIC breakfast sandwich: 2.59
superSONIC breakfast burrito: 2.89

jr. deluxe burger: 1.00
jr. double cheeseburger: 1.99
SONIC burger: 2.89
SONIC cheeseburger: 3.39
superSONIC cheeseburger: 3.99
SONIC bacon cheeseburger: 3.99
bacon cheeseburger toaster: 4.19

chicken strip sandwich: 1.29
JUMBO popcorn chicken: small 2.99, large 3.99
chicken wrap: 3.59
chicken sandwich: 3.99
chicken bacon ranch sandwich: 4.29
chicken club toaster: 4.39
grilled chicken salad: 4.59
crispy chicken salad: 4.59
chicken strip dinner: 4.79

hot dogs
corn dog: 1.00
premium beef hot dogs (new york, all-american, chili cheese coney, chicago): 1.99
footlong quarter pound coney: 3.19

main course upgrades
american cheese: 0.50
green chili: 0.50
hot chili: 0.50
spicy jalpenos: 0.50
crispy bacon: 0.70

add flavor to any drink: 0.20
SONIC boom espresso shot added to any drink: 0.50
apple juice: 0.99
iced tea*: small 1.00, medium 1.49, large 1.99, route 44 2.19
soft drinks*: 1.00, 1.49, 1.99, 2.19
"famous" slushes*: 1.00, 1.79, 1.99, 2.19
bottled water: 1.29
premium roast coffee: 1.49, 1.69
real fruit slushes: 1.49, 1.79, 1.99, 2.19
flavored teas*: 1.49, 1.79, 1.99, 2.19
limeades*: 1.49, 1.79, 1.99, 2.19
ocean water*: 1.49, 1.79, 1.99, 2.19
cranberry juice: 1.69, 1.99
orange juice:  1.69, 1.99
iced latte: 2.49, 2.99
fruit smoothie: 2.59, 3.19

ice cream concoctions
vanilla cone: 1.00
vanilla dish: 1.00
sundaes: 2.39
floats: 2.49, 2.99
creamslush: small 2.59, medium 2.99
java chiller: 2.59, 2.99
limeade chillers: 2.59, 2.99
shakes: 2.59, 2.99
SONIC blast: 2.99, 3.39
banana split: 3.59

sides and miscellaneous
fresh banana: 1.00
jr. fritos chili cheese wrap: 1.00
apple slices with caramel dipping sauce: 1.29
tots or fries plain: small 1.00, medium 1.49, large 1.89
tots or fries with cheese: 1.49, 1.89, 2.39
tots or fries with chili and cheese: 1.99, 2.49, 2.89
onion rings: 1.79, 1.99
bag of ice: 1.99
mozzarella sticks: 2.59
ched 'R' peppers: 2.69
fritos chili cheese wrap: 2.99
wacky pack** (burger, grilled cheese or corn dog): 3.19
wacky pack (chicken strips): 3.39

note: a medium combo (adding medium tots or fries and a medium drink to any sandwich) is roughly $2.20 more than the single item price; a large combo is about $2.80 more.

*this drink qualifies for half-off during happy hour.
**some regional SONICs have wacky packs for $1.49 on wednesdays from 5:00PM to 8:00PM.  occasionally these SONICs will add a $0.30 surcharge for chicken strip or grilled cheese main courses on wacky pack wednesday.


  1. on the coffe is it all eather 2.49 are 2.99??? are no?

  2. Do yall sell breakfast all day?

    1. yes we do all day from the time we open to the time we close

  3. yes. all menu items are available all day.

    1. when does sonic open ?

    2. Most Sonics open at 6am and close at about 10pm/11pm. It varies between certain places, just like menu pricing. Use Google to see for sure in your area.

  4. How much are 44s on happy hour???

  5. all drinks are half price during HH.

  6. Just went to sonic and and got a 44 Dr.Pepper and it was $1.19

  7. Thank you for posting this =D

  8. Replies
    1. they vary. call your local SONIC and ask.

  9. How much are caramel frappuccinos?

    1. call your local SONIC and ask. report your finding back here.

  10. How many items are on the sonic menu

  11. Got the chicken meal last night here in Ottumwa Iowa and found that gravy could be bad no taste other than water with flour and a bunch of pepper really I would think they could do better than that. Some advise ppl don't order it unless you like to eat homemade paste.

  12. Why are you now charging extra 30¢ for cherry slush?

  13. chicken club toaster: 4.39. grilled chicken salad: 4.59. crispy chicken salad: 4.59 chicken strip dinner: 4.79. hot dogs corn dog: 1.00 premium ... dogtoaster.blogspot.com


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