route 44 iced green tea

superior, CO SONIC

i'm pretty sure this isn't on the vegas menus ... it's definitely not on
the online menu.

only comes sweetened. i'm betting there's some calorie hit here.

{5/12 addendum: even though iced green tea isn't listed on the online menu, it is listed on the nutrition guide PDF.  a route 44 is 290 calories ... at only 75% of that in a coke it's still a bit much ... crossing this with a regular ice tea would be an interesting experiment.}


  1. Found your site while doing some research to make sure I wasn't insane. I got a green tea at the Sonic in Madisonville, TX but when I got back to Huntsville, TX they said they didn't have green tea - and, of course, I couldn't find it on the online menu. Glad I found your blog. Thanks for the insight

  2. you're most certainly welcome.

    if you really want to lose your mind, take a look at the posting i'll be doing in the next several days about "SONIC beach." dom perignon at SONIC? why sure!

  3. Over in Plano, TX, sonic is getting green tea (sweet, unsweet, and diet), mango flavor, blackberry flavor, they sell gallons of tea now and a few other items

    -A sonic carhop

    1. great comment. you've just become my favorite SONIC carhop.

      you've probably noticed that I haven't posted recently...the flamingo SONIC charged me 25¢ when I said I wanted lemon in my ice tea...AND I HAD A SURVEY COUPON FOR A FREE ONE! (and then they did it more than once.)

      I've been considering my options, but I think I'm going to put superbSONIC to a rest ... you're the very 1st person in the world to know.


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