happy hour

medium lemon-berry slush and superSONIC cheeseburger (#2) with whole wheat bun. st. george, UT SONIC

i've got a request in for something by the sweet to SONIC FM, but they
haven't played it yet.

nice day here in st. george. 90°+ and a bit breezy ... i'm out on the

got a superSONIC experience *just* as i was headed out of town (from
that double-lime charge complaint a few days ago). perfect timing .
the burger is *much* better with the whole wheat bun substitute. i'd
highly recommend that mod to any bun order.

forgetting that they have that nautilus drive-thru experience that i
don't like, this is a nice SONIC. they'd get full marks except i asked
for shredded cheddar instead of american on my burger and they missed it

off of I-15, the blue highway exit signs tout the in-n-out, the del taco,
and the red robin but *not* the SONIC.
that's just not right.

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