happy hour

grilled chicken bacon ranch (GCBR) sandwich with cheddar cheese, medium
limeade with extra lime and a vanilla dish. flamingo SONIC.

experimenting in the menu again ... the GCBR is obscure enough that it doesn't actually show up in the SONIC menu, but it *is* on the nutrition guide.

the sandwich isn't bad. unfortunately this particular piece of chicken was overly dry, making it a bit tough to chew through ... especially on the "lower" grilled face ... the resulting eating pattern meant taking a bite and then kind-of shuttling chicken back into the bun after tearing through the surface ... sort of using my fingers and teeth in concert.  (don't give me a hard time, you know you've done that before too.)

the whole wheat bun is once again a winner here. the resulting taste
combo (chicken, bun, cheese, ranch and lettuce) is good, not great ...
like a lot of fast foods, the flavors blend together without really
standing up both individually *and* in unison.

it was a nice day -- i ate out on the landing. shortly after my food
arrived, a tray girl came by with a rack-full of condiments (something
i've never seen before). barbecue suddenly sounded like a good idea (as if it's
ever a bad idea), so i grabbed a serving and added it to the sandwich.  it actually made the taste soiree a bit better.

limeade was a great choice for the companion drink ... sugary and sour
to go with the savory meat.

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