the greatest drink token ever made

when i ordered my second wacky pack, the response was *so* slow that i
quit waiting and went through the drive-thru.

my vanilla dish was quick, but the wacky pack production was slow, slow,
slow. when the acting manager finally came to the window, he gave me
the pictured token as an apology for my wait: good for a free medium softdrink.

i've never seen one of these before, so they must be relatively new
(although the © says 2010).

it is just *AWESOME*. the chip itself is weighted and approaching pro-grade. the color is hilarious, a riff not only on the mints they give with your order at SONIC (it says "every customer is WORTH A MINT" on the reverse); but red is also commonly the lowest denomination of chips in a casino (okay, okay, it might just be a coincidence).

the fine print says it expires in 60 days, but there's no indication of
when it was actually given ... you could spend it for forever.

now, i'm one of the cheapest people who's ever lived ... in fact for the last 48 items i've received from SONIC i've paid a grand total of  $45 ... but
there's *no way* i'm ever cashing this chip ... it'll be my talisman until it's lost, stolen or i die ... and you better believe it'll be seeing more than a little action as a card protector.

it's gotta be a vegas only thing. hilarious, great and on the mark.



  1. Not just a vegas thing. I live in Amarillo, TX and have recieved 2 of these chips.

  2. great to know. thanks for the comment.

    (and thanks for taking the effort to register with blogger to do so.)

  3. I live in Oklahoma & just received two of these this morning. Pretty cool, I had never seen one before.

  4. now its 2015... Sonic is handing them out again... I have 4 at present... one must have been a flawed pirnt... all the words on the token are backwards... how cool is that

  5. THAT is cool.

    if you wanna sell it, I'll give you a $20 SONIC gift card for it.

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  7. I have 3 and I live in Kansas City, Kansas. All of mine have normal print. Lol

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  10. I live in Gretna Nebraska and I received one for them being slow with my order. A little factoid, They have metal in them. My magnet sticks on it.

  11. just received two in Jenks, OK (Greater Tulsa area) today.

  12. I live in Kansas and I’ve had at least 10+ mainly because the people in my city are so generous! These could make the perfect present if your cheap lmao!

  13. I live in Houston, TX. and my son received some of these tokens at the end of 2017. Are they still taking these because I don't see any expiration dates.

    1. My belief is they're "always good."

      If it gets rejected, send it to me and I'll sendyou the drink cash.


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