happy hour

medium cherry limeade. edgewater, CO SONIC.

SONIC is probably best known (certainly among my fat friends) for its cherry limeades. what's funny is i've never actually had one 'til now.

it's pretty good, but that artificial cherry taste comes on strong at the end. i made a mistake -which i should've thought about this instead of getting enrapt in the menu differences between here and home- and that is i forgot to ask for extra lime wedges.

speaking of the menu, you can get fritos chili cheese pie here ... definitely have to get one of those before leaving town.

there are ads (that i've never seen before) for a fish sandwich and for "loaded burgers."

the shot i've included is from the eastern-most table on the landing, looking immediately across the street. that's a great view of sloan's lake, but sheridan is one hoppin' street, so there's a little too much traffic for it to be full-on zen enjoyable.

i've got the top down on my convertible and it's raining (as a friend says) "tree parts" inside my car. the SONIC FM could stand to be turned up a bit ... i can *just* make out what song's playing, but not really
hear it.

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