happy hour

medium lemon-berry slush and large fritos chili cheese pie. SONIC on S
golden road; west pleasant view, CO

talk about a SONIC that's hard to get to ... this one's off the pinwheel
of a roundabout ...

... but once you get here it's got the *coolest* SONIC feature ... two
of the "stalls" are actually just out in the open looking directly at
pike's peak.

king feddy wasn't aware of my SONIC obsession ... in the course of our
long telephone conversation (actually more of a monolog) today i was
lamenting that SONIC's drinks out-pace the quality of SONIC'S FOOD.

but that was only hours before i had the fritos chili cheese pie. it's
great. easily the best main course i've had at SONIC -- better, even,
than the chicago dog ...

... and you've gotta gotta GOTTA love the fact that they serve it in a
foot-long hot dog tray.

the lemon-berry slush was *heavy* on the strawberry ... an interesting
change of pace, but a little more sugary than what i was in the mood

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