reese's jr. candy sundae & snickers jr. candy sundae ...

... with no cherries and no whipped cream. woodland park, CO SONIC.

using the TXT offer, of course. the staff here puzzled over the
message, but readily honored it. (a lesson that could be learned by
gilroy SONIC.)

the snickers sundae isn't quite as good as the reese's, only because the candy doesn't behave quite as well when extremely cold ... it's just a little too hard and the pieces are small enough that you don't get a full snickers kick ... reese's frozen are always good, of course.

while we were parked i had SONIC FM play the beatles' "when i'm 64" for
my mom for mother's day ... which the DJ did, with a *great* dedication
and lead in.

you gotta love this pic ... that's pike's peak to the right of the

this was one of my very best SONIC stops of all time. (and my mom got a
kick out of it too.)

and and AND, that's right, a survey receipt.

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