Fwd: wacky pack wednesday

two wacky packs: hamburger with wheat bun substitution, apple slices, milk, little stuffed play tots.  vanilla dish.  flamingo SONIC.

BIG SONIC night.  while waiting for a friend, i talked to the super-nice hop christina ... she was concerned i may not know how to order at SONIC (later i told her that i'd been to SONIC more than 150 times this year and because of that i have a more-than-passing familiarity with ordering) and then was decorating the landing tables with wacky pack wednesday balloons.  

i learned tons of interesting things:
  • flamingo SONIC is "easily" the most busy in vegas.
  • wednesday is their deadest night.
  • the busiest times tend to be about 03:00, after all the clubs have let out.
  • there are more than 6,000 drink chips circulating in the las vegas area, but they are almost never handed back in.
when i ordered my first wacky pack, it came in a trick-or-treat bag!  AND it had a detachable coupon on the bottom good for a $1.49 wacky pack ANYTIME!!

i was so elated i called SONIC radio and chatted up the DJ.  she's not allowed to play hallowe'en music yet (i asked for "monster mash"), so i had her play ventures and told her i was calling from fabulous las vegas where the temperature was perfect.

she was curious as to what the flamingo SONIC looked like, so i sent her some crappy cell phone pix (which i have included here ... unfortunately i forgot to take a pic of my vanilla dish).

so then what'd i do?  why i ordered another wacky pack using my coupon!

great discount.  good deal.  fun night.


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