odds of getting a survey receipt

about a year ago i speculated on the odds of getting a survey receipt at a SONIC.  today there was an excellent reply that i wanted to bring forward as its own posting ...

as with everything on the internet, you should assume this is a lie until you have strong reasons to believe otherwise, but i believe this to be true...

I've been a manager with Sonic for 9 years. Just to give you some insight, it depends on the Sonic Drive-In in question. They set the tickets to print out every (4,5,6, etc) tickets based on the number of responses they get a month. If they get too many responses (more than 65), they knock it down to every 6 or 7 tickets. If they need more responses they will set it to print every 2 or 3 tickets. Our store prints a "winning" receipt every 4 tickets, because that is a good way to get enough responses per month. The store 10 miles from us prints every 2 tickets, because they do not receive as many responses. So it varies on how often they print out, but it has nothing to do with what you order, the area of the US, the sales of the store, etc.

Sonic will only pay for the first 65 responses to a survey, so they stores try to vary their tickets to give a number of receipts that will get them to that number. They wouldn't print it on every ticket, because it would be a waste because they may receive many more than 65 responses, when all they want/need is 65.

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