SONIC TXT codes defined

it took me awhile to figure this stuff out, but a combination of several readers writing to me, my new threaded messaging cell phone and some raw time in the human percolator, i've figured it all out.

the national TXT number for SONIC is 866-77.  i think you can send this number any phrase (i just typed "help" and it signed me up) and they'll sign you up for promotions.  i find this number to be a little too spammy ... SONIC tends to offer a few ads and announcements here, but fewer discounts.

if you're in las vegas, you're lucky.  i think the privately owned SONICs here are all under the same franchisee.  TXT any of the following strings to 411-247 (get it?  that's information 24/7) to sign up for a specific restaurant

SONICV3 -- activates the SONIC TXT discount for the store at 377 N nellis.
SONICV4 -- activates 6455 W sahara
SONICV5 -- 7390 W cheyenne
SONICV6 -- 2082 E warm springs
SONICV7 -- 4442 N decatur
SONICv8 -- 5085 E tropicana
SONICV9 -- 5725 E charleston
SONICV10 -- 2120 E craig road
SONICV11 -- 3431 N rancho
SONICV12 -- 4260 W flamingo
SONICV13 -- 7245 S durango
SONICV14 -- 6464 N decatur
SONICV15 -- 5465 camino al norte
SONICV16 -- 3340 E flamingo
SONICV17 -- 2301 E sahara

{note that there are no stores attached to SONICV1 nor SONICV2 ... they've also boldly ignored the las vegas superstition surrounding the number 13 and have decided to go ahead and use that.}

i can't think of a good reason to subscribe to all these numbers ... UNLESS the automated system sometimes just pukes ... OR you like the idea of getting swarmed by 14 TXT messages at once.

if you're not from las vegas, you can go ahead and subscribe to any of these local alerts ... it'll give you an idea of what's going on in sin city.  there's a very slim chance you could get a local SONIC to honor a vegas TXT code (if you look back at the TXT samples on here you can see that they don't mention locations), but i've had problems with this in the past and so have my readers.

normal TXTing rates apply, of course ... but jack, this is the 21st century -- you should be getting unlimited TXTs.

to cancel your TXT subsciptions, you can TXT "STOP" to either the national or local numbers.

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