superbSONIC is one year old today!

I celebrated with a vanilla dish at flamingo SONIC and called in a request to SONIC radio for the ventures "hawaii 5-0."  not only did they play my song, they put me on the air for the first time ever!

you might think that superbSONIC is purely the work of one carbo-loading genius, but nothing could be more half-true.

an extra special shout out to lou kije, CD and special K for their work with poltergeist productions behind the scenes.

super thanks to save in NM and eightsusquehanna for following this blog.

a bow and tip of the hat for the unwavering support from SONIC drive-in via anita and celeste at barkley.

and of course, nothing's worth writing if it's not read.  that means hyperactive thanks to anne, suttonhoo and msdrpepper.  and a more normal thanks to YOU dear reader.

here's to another 12 months of happy hour!

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  1. you are most welcome - happy anniversary!


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