happy hour

ultimate meat & cheese breakfast burrito, route 44 iced tea.

you just know that burrito is packing a caloric punch.  it's not even on SONIC's nutrition menu yet, when i called the 800 number they said it had 590 calories, but you KNOW that's a lie ... he's reading the wrong space on the chart (this is definitely NOT the "superSONIC breakfast burrito").

SONIC is taking a cue from taco bell by mixing and matching ingredients they already have to create new taste sensations ... tater tots in a burrito?  sure!


  1. Do you carry a bottle of Tabasco sauce in the car with you, on the off chance your meal will need some additional flavor?

  2. yes.

    i bought it when i had my jr. breakfast burrito failure:


    having a bottle in the glove compartment is great ... the *only* possible problem and i do mean only, is the bottle has developed little black flakes in it ... and although i don't know what that means, i certainly know that it doesn't stop me from using it (nor does it affect the taste).


PLEASE don't drink your slush as you type.